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News 2012

Dec 31, 2012
The first episode of 2013 is coming up! Tracks from Armin van Buuren & Orjan Nilsen, a Westerman & Oostink ReWork and more! Fireworks in this episode 063, Happy New Year!

Dec 26, 2012
The last episode of this year is one big celebration! Tracks from Aly & Fila, Ferry Corsten, Stoneface & Terminal and many more! Episode 062, the NYE special, is coming up!

Dec 18, 2012
Pure Trance Sessions with Miss Phoenix! Episode 061 is coming up with tracks from Emma Hewitt, 4 Strings, Ferry Corsten and more! Next week's episode is a special one and will be about the top 4s of each DJ. Don't miss it!

Dec 11, 2012
It's time for Episode 060 with Suzy Solar! Tracks from Paul Webster, Space Raven, C-Systems and more. Not to be missed!

Dec 4, 2012
Pure Trance Sessions with Westerman & Oostink! Episode 059 is all about M.I.K.E., Radion 6, Dash Berlin and more!

Nov 29, 2012
Listen to the 4 hour Pure Trance Sessions special on Bollywood Radio & Beyond this Wednesday/Thursday! Airplay: Dec 5, 8:00pm EST // Dec 6, 02:00 CET.

Nov 28, 2012
Andy More, Ben Gold, Markus Schulz and more... Episode 058... Mixed by UrsulaN... Don't miss it!

Nov 21, 2012
A brand new episode 057 mixed by Miss Phoenix! Tracks from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Max Graham, Orjan Nilsen and more. Coming up!

Nov 19, 2012
Added another station to broadcast Pure Trance Sessions! Sense FM. More info on the broadcastpage!

Nov 12, 2012
Coming up, Suzy Solar! Tracks from Manuel Le Saux, Headstrong, Ellie Lawson and more in Episode 056!

Nov 12, 2012
A brand new radiostation and Pure Trance Sessions is scheduled on it: Global EDM Radio. Check the broadcast page for more info!

Nov 7, 2012
Episode 055 is up for this week. Jorn van Deynhoven, Ferry Tayle, Mark Eteson and more, mixed by Westerman & Oostink. Tune in!

Oct 31, 2012
Pure Trance Sessions guestmix with Nifra! Episode 054: tracks from Nifra herself, Marcel Woods, Orjan Nilsen, Dash Berlin and more!
Want to do a guestmix to? Contact us!

Oct 23, 2012
Starting this Thursday, Pure Trance Sessions on Radio Studio One! More info on the Broadcastpage.
Tomorrow a brand new episode with UrsulaN! Tracks from Armin van Buuren, Ronski Speed, Dash Berlin and more.

Oct 17, 2012
Tiësto, Markus Schulz, Ernesto vs. Bastian and more. Pure Trance Sessions with Miss Phoenix! Don't miss Episode 052!

Oct 14, 2012
Another radiostation to broadcast the Pure Trance Sessions broadcasts! Radio Studio One which includes FM airplay in the region of Belgium. Schedule info soon!

Oct 10, 2012
Episode 051: Tracks from Matt Hardwick, Carol Lee, Paul Webster and more! Pure Trance Sessions with Suzy Solar!

Oct 1, 2012
Starting from Wednesday 3 October a full week Pure Trance Sessions episode 050 Don't miss this special celebration edition!!!!

Sept 29, 2012
Meet the voice of the Pure Trance Sessions broadcasts: Sedutchion!

Sept 26, 2012
From New York: UrsalaN with tracks from Markus Schulz, Christian Burns & Stefan Dabruck, Headstrong and more! Episode 049 is coming up!

Sept 18, 2012
Pure Trance Sessions presents Miss Phoenix: Tracks from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Above & Beyond, W&W and more. Don't miss Episode 048!

Sept 16, 2012
Dutch EDM station EclecticRadio will airplay Pure Trance Sessions!!! More info, check our broadcastpage!

Sept 11, 2012
Straight from Tampa, Florida: Suzy Solar! With tracks from Above & Beyond, 4 Strings, Artic Moon and more. It's time for Episode 047!

Sept 7, 2012
Check out! It’s another radiostation to broadcast our Pure Trance Sessions episodes!

Sept 4, 2012
Pure Trance Sessions with Thomas Westerman and Tom Oostink. Tracks from: Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Rene Ablaze and more! Episode 046 is coming up!

Aug 28, 2012
This weeks episode 045 is a guestmix hosted by Deejay Zenjerman! Tracks from Ben Gold, John O'Callaghan, Markus Schulz and more!
Want to do a guestmix to? Contact us!

Aug 24, 2012
Next week's episode will be the 1st official guestmix. Interested in doing a guestmix for Pure Trance Sessions? Contact us!

Aug 21, 2012
Episode 044: Andy Moor, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and more. Mixed by Ursula N. Don't miss this vibe!

Aug 16, 2012
Meet the voice of the Pure Trance Sessions broadcasts: Sedutchion!

Aug 13, 2012
It's time for Episode 043. Miss Phoenix smashing mix contains tracks from 4 Strings, Judge Jules, Jonathan Allyn and more. Don't miss it!

Aug 7, 2012
We are having Episode 042 with Suzy Solar this week. The mix contains tracks from Ram, Trance Arts, Blue Tente and more. Check it out!

Aug 2, 2012
We are proud to announce the next radiostation to host Pure Trance Sessions: KDA Radio (

Jul 30, 2012
LAZER FM is the next radio station to host Pure Trance Sessions.. for more info!!

Jul 30, 2012
Don't miss this weeks episode 041! Tracks from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Jorn van Deynhoven and more mixed by Westerman & Oostink.

Jul 23, 2012
Up next for this week: Episode 040, the vocal edition mixed by Ursula N! Tracks from Cosmic Gate, Roger Shah and more! Check Broadcast for more info.

Jul 22, 2012
We are proud to announce the next radiostation to host Pure Trance Sessions: Club Lounge Radio (

Jul 17, 2012
For our comin' 50th episode we need: YOU!!
Please send us your suggestions to make this show a very special moment.. Become part of the #PTSFamily NOW..

Jul 16, 2012
Episode 039 is up for this week. Miss Phoenix kicks off with Moonbeam! The Show contains also tracks from Markus Schulz, ATB and more!

Jul 12, 2012
We are proud to announce the next radiostation to host Pure Trance Sessions: TRANCESONIC (

Jul 10, 2012
We are proud to announce the next radiostation to host Pure Trance Sessions: CLUBBING STATION (

Jul 9, 2012
This weeks Episode 038 will be hosted by Suzy Solar! The Show contains tracks from Vast Vison, Dash Berlin, Alpha Duo and more!

Jul 4, 2012
This week Westerman & Oostink will host Episode 037, with the nine best tracks of the first two hour Pure Trance Sessions Episode ever (May 2010). The Show contains tracks from Dash Berlin, Tiësto, Faithless and more!

Jun 25, 2012
A new start for Pure Trance Sessions dot com: Welcome to our new website!
The last few months we have been working on a bigger and global Pure Trance Sessions show. From now on Pure Trance Sessions will be a weekly show on several radio stations. We have attracted three more talented DJ’s and each of them will host one of the shows every month.
Shout out and respect to: Ursula for her creative marketing skills, Natascha for the Pure Trance Sessions graphics and Maaike for creating the site.
Furthermore we want to thank Sedutchion for being the voice of the show, and Tom & Thomas for being Pure… Trance… Sessions…

Jun 3, 2012
This friday it's another 2 hour show of Pure Trance Sessions on Bollywood Radio & Beyond (22:00-00:00 CET): The 2nd hour features a massive mix by the one and only KP London!
Don't miss it!

May 6, 2012
This friday it's time for a special Pure Trance Sessions on Bollywood Radio & Beyond (22:00-00:00 CET): A massive 2 hour show will thrill your speakers!
This is your weekend start with Thomas Westerman & Tom Oostink and an amazing guestmix by the lovely miss Suzy Solar!
Don't miss it!

Apr 3, 2012
Episodes of 2010 (006 to 018) are no longer available!

Mar 29, 2012
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Jan 2, 2012
Episodes of 2009 (001 to 005) are no longer available!