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News 2010 / 2011

Dec 18, 2011
Upcoming year Tom and Thomas will continue hosting the episodes of Pure Trance Sessions. From now on the tracklist contains a track that will be Tom's choice of the month, and one that will be Thomas' choice of the month.

Sep 15, 2011
Top 100 DJs poll now open! If you want to vote for Thomas Westerman & Tom Oostink, please follow this link: Closed! Thanks for the support!

Sep 14, 2011
Online: Check it out!

Sep 5, 2011
The 23rd of September Tom and Thomas are going to do an one hour DJ set of Pure Trance Sessions at Mystery Of Dreams II.

Jul 8, 2011
Some changes on Pure Trance Sessions dot com!
Because Tom and Thomas are getting their own website, Pure Trance Sessions dot com will be on it’s own from now on.
Pure Trance Sessions will still be supported by them.

May 6, 2011
From now on you can find Tom and Thomas on Facebook also!

Nov 12, 2010
With episode 016 Tom and Thomas say goodbye to the classic tracks in their Pure Trance Sessions mixes.

Jun 06, 2010
Pure Trance Sessions dot com has been restyled to create better possibilities for link partnerships! Interested? Contact us!

May 05, 2010
Episode 010: the official start of Pure Trance Sessions dot com. Tom and Thomas have mixed a massive 2 hour session. The mix is recorded live at the WAW Studio Amsterdam.

Mar 06, 2010
Thomas Westerman and Tom Oostink took over the Pure Trance Sessions sets from d'Baschti and Niels de Ruyter. From this time on the mixes contain more epic and uplifting trance tracks.