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The first broadcast of the new episode starts every week at Wednesday. You can listen to us in the following order on these stations:

Only JD Radio   Broadcast spot available
Wed 18:00 CET // 12:00pm EST   Random spot available!

Tempo Radio   Radio RapTz FM
Fri 20:00 CET // 02:00pm EST   Sat 04:00 CET // Fri 10:00pm EST

Dance Attack FM   Broadcast spot available
Sat 16:00 CET // Sat 10:00am EST   Random spot available!

Salto Amsterdam   The Detour Network
Sun 00:00 CET // Sat 06:00pm EST   Sun 04:00 CET // Sat 10:00pm EST

Trance Energy Radio   Radio Bondi FM
Sun 17:00 CET // 11:00am EST   Sun 21:00 CET // 03:00pm EST

YouTube   Radio HiTec
Mon 21:00 CET // 03:00pm EST   Tue 17:00 CET // 11:00am EST